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Powerful lifestyle & real estate writing to elevate your business & life.

I'M CANDACE, lifestyle & real estate writer.


I write words that help real estate and home professionals connect with their ideal clients, make more money and save precious time.

I am super passionate about the subject of home & design so, when I'm not writing about those topics for my clients, I'm writing about them here on my blog!


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You will be handing very important writing assignments over to someone who loves the subject of home, architecture & design.  So, your readers will be more likely to read what you have to say.

As a former luxury realtor working at Christies, I speak your language and fully understand your needs.

Your content will be compelling and will convert which means more eyes on your business and more money in your pocket!

I know what it takes to rank up on Google.  When I was a realtor, I was able to get on page one of Google for a number of my search terms.  Using SEO techniques and inbound marketing strategies, I can help you as well!

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     I love to write?!

     boost your SEO
     elevate your brand   
     bring you more business
     give you more time

Here is a list of some essential writing projects I can take off your plate:

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As a real estate copywriter, I am able to create a wide range of content for your business that will:      

Specializing in the real estate field and having been a realtor myself, makes having me on your team an invaluable asset in your marketing tool chest.

Blog Posts
Email Campaigns
Website Content
Listing Descriptions
Agent Profiles 

Think of me as your personal writing genie...

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attract more leads

enjoy consistent growth

build a loyal following

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Set yourself apart with superior real estate website content & SEO strategies.

Increase traffic with client-focused real estate and lifestyle articles, blog posts and more.

Cultivate a tribe of loyal followers with real estate  emails and newsletters,

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